Tax records for self-employed

We are ready to help you with the processing of tax records, including the subsequent preparation of tax returns and reports for the social security administration and health insurance company.


Tax records are often incorrectly referred to as simple accounting. In fact, it is simply a record of income and expenses.

Processing of income and expenses

Just share your income and expenses with us, we will take care of everything else ourselves. We calculate whether it pays to tax your income using a flat rate or actual expenses.

Filing a tax return

We will take into account all possible discounts that you can apply and we will take care of the correct processing of the tax return. You can also request a deferral of the return through our tax advisor.

Reports for CSSA and health insurance company

We will prepare overviews for both institutions and we will always inform you in advance how much you have to pay for social and health insurance.

Training basics

If you are not sure what your obligations and rights are as a self-employed person in terms of taxes and accounting, we will be happy to explain everything to you. We will professionally train you and inform you about all the news that concerns you.

Accounting and taxes for the self-employed

According to the law, every entrepreneur is responsible for his accounting and taxes. That is why everyone should understand the basic responsibilities in this area.


At CEG, we not only help you process tax records, tax returns and reports. We will also help you orient yourself in the basics of accounting and taxes for entrepreneurs. Our favorite course will be guided by the CEG executive and tax specialist Ing. Šárka Pelikánová.

Are you interested in processing tax records and tax returns, including reports?
We will be happy to contact you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

News in tax records and accounting

for self-employed

We help you stay in the picture and regularly inform you about news in the areas

accounting and taxes for entrepreneurs.


We also organize for you understandable and

practically guided courses that will help you

to orientate oneself in everything essential.