Taxes of non - profit organizations

Non-profit organizations are a pearl in tax legislation.

Few people understand it and can connect it with other necessary factors.


We help with taxes hundreds of non-profits, we will also help you.


We will advise you with:

  • VAT of non - profit organizations

  • income taxes of non-profit organizations

Many NGO incomes do not need to be taxed because they are tax-exempt. But that doesn't mean that non-profits don't tax anything. We will advise you on how it is with you.

VAT of non-profit organizations

A non-profit organization can also be a VAT payer. When it becomes one and what to look out for, we will help you figure out.

It is not always clear which non-profit activity is the main and which is the secondary. The statutes are often not enough. We will help you find your way around it.

We regularly train other accounting and tax advisors in the field of taxes for non-profit organizations. We will be happy to help you as well.

Income tax of non - profit organizations

Main or secondary activity

Education, consultations

Tax experts of non-profit organizations

In our team you will find one of the leading experts in taxes and accounting of non-profit organizations, Ing. Anna Pelikánová.


She professionally educates both the general public and members of our team. Therefore, you can be sure that the taxes of your non-profit organization are in the best hands with us.


Tax legislation is constantly evolving and changing. We monitor all changes and regularly inform you about the impacts on your organization.


We are insured and we are liable for any damage to our work.


We are members of the Chamber of Tax Advisers.


Are you interested in our tax services for non-profit organizations?

We will be happy to contact you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

News in the taxation of non-profit organizations

We help you stay in the picture and regularly inform you about news in the areas

taxes and accounting of non-profit organizations.

We also organize for you understandable and
practically guided courses that will help you
to orientate oneself in everything essential