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Do you run an association, foundation, or public benefit company?


We offer expert accounting services for non-profit organizations under the personal guidance of Ing. Anna Pelikánová, an acclaimed author and trainer.


We can manage the settlement of subsidies and grants, and meticulously prepare your tax return.

Non-profit accounting


Simply share your documents with us online, and we'll ensure all your financials are in order.


We cater to all kinds of non-state non-profit organizations.

Subsidy settlement

Proper settlement of subsidies and grants requires substantial financial documentation.


We ensure timely and orderly delivery of all necessary documents.


Taxes in Non-profits


Confused about where to start with such a complex subject?


We're here to guide you and ensure your non-profit organization's taxes are in order.

Education, Consultations

We offer training to non-profit organizations' internal accountants.


Schedule a personal consultation with us or register for our upcoming online seminar.


We extend our accounting services to various non-profit organizations:

  • Associations, branch associations, institutes, foundations

  • Foundation funds, public benefit companies

  • School legal entities, purpose-built churches

Let's start managing your non-profit organization's accounting together.

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