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Nursing care allowance for entrepreneurs

Aktualizováno: 25. 7. 2023

As all schools, kindergartens and other school facilities (such as forest kindergartens, children's groups, etc.) have been closed in the Czech Republic, government measures have been extended to self-employed persons who are forced to stay with their children at home. Šárka Pelikánová, owner of the accountancy and tax office of Connect Economic Group s.r.o.

Who is eligible for the nursing allowance?

Self-employed persons have never been entitled to a nursing allowance. Now all entrepreneurs who undertake self-employment as their main activity and who are not employed anywhere have the possibility to apply for a nursing allowance. However, self-employed persons who undertake self-employment as their secondary activity due to disability pension, maternity leave, etc., and the reason for their secondary activity is not related to employment, are also entitled to apply. If, at the same time, the entrepreneur, whether for the main or secondary activity, has a signed contract on the performance of the office of the company executive, this person is not entitled to receive the nursing care allowance.

Other conditions for receiving the nursing allowance

It should be taken into account that self-employed persons must be registered for income tax at the tax office. At the same time, it must not have any debts and arrears to state institutions and providers of support from projects co-financed from the EU budget. The last condition is that the applicant for the nursing allowance must meet the definition of an SME.

How old must my child be in order to receive the nursing allowance?

Normally, the nursing allowance is paid only to parents whose children are under 10 years of age. Now, given the current situation, you can also receive a nursing allowance for children under 13 years of age.

How many people can receive the nursing allowance per child?

Only one parent or a person who lives in the same household with the child can receive the nursing allowance. It can also be a grandmother or grandfather of a child. The condition is that no one else is receiving any other child care benefits.

What do I need to get a nursing allowance?

The applicant will need to complete a simple form in Czech language for the application for a subsidy.

In addition, the self-employed person has to submit another application and affidavit Confirmation of the closure of school or children's facility (school) or facility providing social services - original or simple copy (scan, photo)

Where to apply for a nursing allowance for a self-employed person?

Therefore, if you meet all the conditions and want to apply for a nursing allowance, go to your trade licensing office and file an application together with the affidavit that is part of the application. You can also do so via e-mail with your electronic signature or your data box. The Trade Licensing Office will forward your application to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and will reimburse you after the nursing allowance has been approved.

How much is the amount of the nursing allowance?

For each day you are entitled to the nursing allowance, you will receive 424 Kč. This amount is tax exempt and you do not have to pay social and health insurance from it.

When will I receive my nursing allowance?

The nursing allowance is always paid retroactively. You now have the option of applying for nursing allowance for the days when you had to be at home with your children during the month of March. However, if you are at home with your child only since April, you will not be able to apply for this allowance until May. At this moment, you have the option to claim a post only for the month of March.

13. 04. 2020


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