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We possess comprehensive knowledge about non-profit organization taxes in the Czech Republic.


We provide assistance in foundation fund accounting, settlement of subsidies, and communication with authorities.


We adhere to all relevant regulations to ensure your tax matters are error-free.

Income tax for non-profit organizations


There exist certain non-profit incomes that are tax-exempt.


We can identify these and help you stay compliant.

VAT for non-profit organizations

A non-profit can choose to become a VAT payer or not.


Are you uncertain about your VAT status?


We'll guide you through the entire VAT registration process, from income assessment to VAT preparation.


Main and secondary activities


A non-profit's primary activity typically doesn't generate profit.


Are you unclear about profit-generating secondary activities? We can provide clarity.

Non-profit organization education

We offer education to your accountants to ensure understanding of non-profit regulations.


Our services include expert consultations and training sessions.


Association, foundation, movement, institute…

We are here to assist any type of non-profit organization.

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