Payroll accounting and HR

We will process all this for you:


  • calculation of wages, compulsory social and health insurance contributions, calculation of taxes, execution and other deductions from wages

  • preparation of payslips and payment orders

  • monthly salary recapitulation

  • overviews of the amount of insurance premiums for health insurance companies and the CSSA

  • preparation of employment contracts, or providing model employment contracts

  • applications and deregistrations of employees at health insurance companies and the CSSA

  • company registration with health insurance companies, CSSA, advance and withholding tax

  • registration of the company for the legal insurance of the employer

  • co-operation with executors and insolvency administrator in case of execution or insolvency deductions from wages

Annual tax settlement

We look after all legal deadlines for you, including the annual tax settlement. We will prepare this for all employees in case of your interest. We are also ready to help with the processing of income tax returns for your employees.

Employment of foreigners

Our payroll specialists are also able to help with the employment of foreigners. We recommend that you really consult with our experts on this issue, we will help you avoid unnecessary problems.

Sheltered workshops

Sheltered workshops and companies with replacement performance are safe with us. We regularly help many of our clients with this status to procure all the necessary formalities and at the same time draw subsidies.

Official controls

Leave inspections from the labor inspectorate, social security administration and other authorities to us. If you use our services, you can be sure that our experts will help you go through everything without worries.


CEG payroll department full of professionals

Payroll accounting, including human resources, is in charge of the payroll department headed by Ing. Květa Tůmová.


Our team educates other accountants in this field, so you can rely on the best of the best.

At the same time, we organize practical seminars for entrepreneurs, at which you will learn about employment opportunities and, if necessary, the drawing of various subsidies.

Are you interested in our payroll services?

We will be happy to contact you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

News in payroll accounting

and human resources for entrepreneurs

We help you stay in the picture and regularly inform you about news in the areas of payroll, human resources and accounting for entrepreneurs.

We also organize for you understandable and
practically guided courses that will help you
to orientate oneself in everything essential.