Accounting for companies and entrepreneurs

External bookkeeping with CEG is an amazing opportunity for you to have everything processed without worries by top experts in the field.

The process is simple:

  •      you share documents for processing,

  •      we process everything, including the VAT return,

  •      we communicate for you with the relevant authorities,

  •      we will clearly establish all the documentation for you,

  •      we process custom reports,

  •      we inform you regularly about important changes in the law.

Accounting systems

We provide accounting for clients in a number of accounting systems according to their specific needs. We are also ready to advise you on choosing a suitable system for you.

Official representation

You can also leave communication with the tax office and other institutions to us. We are able to represent you at all necessary offices, we are number one in that. In the meantime, you can take care of what you are good at and what makes you money.

Document sharing

You can easily share documents with us online! It is a secure and effective style of communication and cooperation. However, if you prefer good old mail or personal delivery, we can certainly cooperate in this way as well.


Those of you who have a mandatory audit can rely on us as much as possible. Our work has always been number one. In addition, we are able to deal with auditors instead of you and be of maximum assistance to them.

Accounting department composed of experts

With us, you are guaranteed that all accountants are professionally trained and are real professionals. Members of our team are recognized experts who lecture or publish professionally and thus educate other experts in our field.


Accounting and all work is audited by the chief accountant and tax advisor. So you can be sure of really professional bookkeeping. The preparation of financial statements, including all statements and notes, is a matter of course for us at the end of the year. The financial statements are always in charge of the chief accountant, who oversees the complete accounting process throughout the year.

Are you interested in our accounting services?

We will be happy to contact you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

News in accounting and taxes
for entrepreneurs

We help you stay in the picture and regularly inform you about news in the field of accounting and taxes for entrepreneurs.

We also organize clear and practically conducted courses for you, which will help you orient yourself in everything essential.