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Ing. Jan Vedral - tax specialist

What do you enjoy working at CEG?

At CEG Accounting, I enjoy being like a master creating my work of art from an infinite amount of data and numbers, so that in the end everything fits together and is a crystal clear reflection of the company.


What brought you to this job - a tax specialist?

Since my dad and his dad were graduates of the University of Economics in Prague and I enjoyed working with money in various forms from an early age, I had a more or less pre-lined study path, which I followed.

Ing. Květa Tůmová - head of the payroll department

What brought you to this job - payroll accountants?

I got to this job thanks to my long-time friend, who was already active in CEG at that time. I completed a professional payroll accounting course with him, which he led at the time and was followed by cooperation with him and the CEG company. Today, I manage payroll accounting for many clients and I enjoy my work. In the company, it is possible to combine family and work life, the company respects its employees and welcomes every idea or suggestion from employees on how to improve services and strengthen cooperation with clients. I am glad that I work for such a company.