Tax returns for entrepreneurs, companies and non-profit organizations

We are ready to help you with the processing and filing of tax returns in various types of taxes:

  • corporate income tax

  • personal income tax

  • value added tax

  • real estate tax

  • road tax

  • excise duty

You will hand over the documents and data to us, we will process everything for you according to the valid legislation. We are ready to communicate further with the tax office on your behalf.

During the processing of the personal income tax return, we will also prepare the necessary reports for the Czech Social Security Administration and the health insurance company.

If you give us a power of attorney, we will be happy to file your tax return for you with the tax office. If you have a data box set up, we will prepare everything in the appropriate formats.

Risk warning

When processing a tax return, we may come across many risks that may affect your business. When they are discovered, we will inform you immediately and work on proposing a solution.

Tax return processing

Report processing

for CSSA and health insurance company

Filing a tax return

Processing tax returns from professionals

Thanks to our tax team, you can be sure that your tax return will be processed correctly.


In the event that the tax office inquires or requests additional materials, we always list us as contact persons so that you do not have to worry about anything.


Tax legislation is constantly evolving and changing. We monitor all changes and regularly inform you about the impact on your business.


We are insured and we are liable for any damage to our work.


We are members of the Chamber of Tax Advisers.

Are you interested in processing your tax return?

We will be happy to contact you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

News in the processing of tax returns

We help you stay in the picture and regularly inform you about news concerning the processing of tax returns.

We also organize for you understandable and
practically guided courses that will help you
to orientate oneself in everything essential.