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With taxes as our specialty, we can guide you on the proper taxation of real estate sales, business transactions, and investments.


We welcome you to a personal consultation in our Prague 3 office, or we can arrange an online meeting via Teams.


Discover the earliest available appointment slots.

Our Tax Services:

Consult with us for accurate and efficient tax advice. Your information remains confidential with us. Schedule tax consultancy.

As part of our accounting services, we also handle VAT processing. We actively monitor all risks tied to VAT. Arrange consultancy on VAT.

We manage your tax returns online, taking care of all communication with authorities. No need for you to step out. Schedule tax return processing.

If you're an investor seeking taxation advice, we can help. Our experience extends to the taxation of cryptocurrencies. Plan a consultation on investment taxation.

Want to know what's taxable? Consult our experts to ensure you're taxing correctly. Schedule income tax consultancy.

Our understanding of non-profit taxation is unrivaled. Our team includes renowned expert and author, Anna Pelikánová. Schedule a consultation. Learn more about non-profit taxes.

If you're uncertain about the type of consultation to book, or if you need a blend of different

consultations, let us know your requirements.

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