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Custom accounting and tax courses

Share your learning objectives with us, and we'll tailor a course exclusively for you.


Comprehensible and concise.


P.S.: For an effective training session, prepare examples from your practice.


We will work on them together during the course.


What topics can we guide you through

  • Taxes and accounting for self-employed individuals (ideal for companies that engage a large number of contractors)

  • Wages (recommended for payroll departments or professions such as assistants, office managers, etc.)

  • Accounting (we recommend our accounting course for non-profit organizations)

  • Taxes (from income tax to VAT to specific topics)


Ing. Šárka Pelikanová

Do you work with a large number of contractors?


Gift them the popular course BASIC ACCOUNTING AND TAXES FOR SELF-EMPLOYED INDIVIDUALS, through which they will gain a practical understanding of the basic tax and accounting obligations and rights of small entrepreneurs.


Ing. Filip Krejčí

Get your payroll accountants trained by a renowned lecturer.


Those who have participated in training with Filip vouch for his clear explanations of complex issues through specific examples.


Ing. Anna Pelikanová

Courses for non-state non-profit organizations are conducted by the author of popular professional publications.


They are reputed and packed with useful information. Suitable for both accountants and managers of non-profit organizations.


Ing. Tomáš Navrátil

With seminars led by an experienced tax advisor, you will gain a clear understanding of all tax-related matters.


He can curate seminars on various tax types.

Desire a custom seminar?

We're more than happy to tailor it to your specific needs.

Fill in a few details in the form below, and we'll get back to you with ideas and potential dates.

Kotva Kurzy na miru

Thank you for your interest in learning with CEG. We will hear from you soon :)

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