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Your crucial company data is safe with us.

We will introduce automation tools that can streamline your accounting process, eliminating errors and reducing the time it takes.

Interested in how it can work for you?

Accounting team services:

We handle everything from the first invoice in January to the last salary in December. Leave the accounting management to our experts and rest easy.

We'll manage your entire payroll, processing your employees' wages accurately and punctually. Ensure that employees receive their salaries on time.

We will assess, improve, set up, and if desired, teach you. What if your accounting could be self-managed? We would be happy to show you how.

With us, you have 24/7 access to vital information about your company. Monitor where to save, where to invest, and track your performance compared to previous years.

Non-profit accounting has its unique aspects. You don't have to understand grant and subsidy accounting when our experts are here to help. However, if you wish, we can provide advice and training.

If you're a self-employed entrepreneur who doesn't keep accounts, tax records apply to you. We'll gladly process your income and expenses summaries.

We assist homeowner and housing cooperative accounting. When the numbers are in order, homeowners' meetings are more harmonious.

Need advice? You can schedule a personal consultation at our Prague 3 offices, or we can meet online via Teams. Check out the nearest available dates.

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