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Maternity Leave Opportunities at CEG

Are you on maternity leave but looking to re-engage with your professional career?

CEG is the place for you.


Who are we?

CEG is a family accounting and tax firm where expertise meets passion. A few highlights about us:

We're home to university lecturers, seminar speakers, podcast producers, and accounting experts handling over 300 client accounts. Our work isn't just about numbers.

Our core values are innovation, development, partnership, humanity, trust, and professionalism.

Our team is professionally trained by the recognized author, Anna Pelikánová. Our leaders include chief accountant Ing. Filip Krejčí and head of the tax team Ing. Tomáš Navrátil.


As an ACCOUNTANT at CEG, you'll be:

  • Managing accounts for roughly 20 stable clients.

  • Preparing VAT and annual financial statement documents.

  • Communicating with clients and tax offices.

  • Working independently, but in a cooperative team.

  • Participating in the CEG development program.

  • Expected in the office at least once a week.

  • You'll also enjoy: Professional growth through regular training and team-building activities.

  • Support from the main accountant and the team

  • Consider applying for our Junior Academy to further develop your knowledge. Successful applicants receive the course for FREE.



Our accountants enjoy the flexibility to set their own working hours by mutual agreement.


With mutual trust and open communication, long-term remote work is an option. The workload will be adjusted based on your availability.


We respect your family commitments, and we don't require daily office attendance. We do, however, emphasize open communication and adherence to agreed-upon schedules.



We regularly conduct professional training for the entire team. If you're interested in expanding your knowledge or taking on more responsibilities, our main accountant is all ears!

Personal development is equally important. We offer two-hour monthly sessions with certified therapist Magda, fully paid.


During these sessions, you can discuss any issues impacting your life satisfaction. Physical wellness is also catered for, thanks to our Multisport membership.

We strive to foster a workplace environment that leaves our colleagues feeling satisfied and happy, both when they arrive and when they depart.



Open communication is paramount to our team's success. We encourage dialogue on everything, from basic questions and innovative ideas to difficult discussions.


Your suggestions for improvement can propel the whole team forward.



We cherish memories of our team activities, such as minigolf tournaments, rooftop barbecues, and art workshop visits. Our list of team-building events is always growing.


We believe in enjoying our time both in and out of the office. Our supportive, reliable team is one of our greatest assets.



We continually test and integrate cutting-edge technologies into our workflows. You won't find monotonous document processing here.


We're always open to fresh ideas and better ways of working. If you have insights that could benefit the team and our clients, we encourage you to share them.



As a family business, we seek team members who are committed to excellence in their work and fostering positive team relationships. If we enjoy mutual satisfaction from our collaboration, we hope you'll grow with us.


"Let's together make accounting a respected profession, appreciated by entrepreneurs. Let's build a lasting legacy for future generations."

Our selection process:

  • Send your resume and cover letter.

  • We'll call for an initial conversation.

  • Feedback and interview invitations are sent to suitable candidates.

  • During the interview, you'll complete a knowledge and personality test.

  • Top candidates are invited for a trial day, guided by our main and senior accountants.

  • The successful candidate is offered a long-term position.

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