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Accountant 50+: Age is Just a Number

At CEG, we know that age is just a number, and what truly matters is your skill with numbers.


We appreciate the long-term experience in the field and welcome seasoned professionals to our team.


Who are we? What does it mean to be a part of CEG?

CEG is a leading Czech accounting and tax office.


We proudly service over 200 clients. Our experts regularly contribute to seminars and high-level articles and host the acclaimed podcast, sníDANĚ with Šárka.


The entire team is professionally led by our Chief Accountant Ing. Filip Krejčí and Head of Tax Team, Tax Advisor Ing. Tomáš Navrátil.


Senior Accountant job description

  • Manage accounting for approximately 6 clients

  • Post documents and prepare VAT

  • Communicate with clients on a daily basis

  • Set your work schedule

  • Prepare documents for annual financial statements

  • Collaborate with a tax advisor on DPPO/DPFO

  • Participate in professional training


Qualifications for this position

  • Economic studies completed

  • Experience and knowledge in client accounting and taxes

  • Ability to post accounting documents

  • Prepare all documents for VAT and submit VAT

  • Prepare documents for a tax advisor for DPFO and DPPO

  • Professional communication skills with colleagues, superiors, and clients

  • Proficiency in English, both verbal and written


Comfortable work environment at CEG

Our office atmosphere is as accommodating as our accounting software.​​


As a Financial Accountant, you will work closely with Senior Accountants, gaining training and gradually taking over client responsibilities.


The Chief Accountant will continually develop your professional skills and monitor your progress.


Communication is key at CEG

Whether it involves basic queries or brilliant ideas, communication with your superiors is crucial. Once your work is complete, inform your superior for validation and further assignment.

We expect an active, responsible work approach—this includes daily office presence and diligent work. This also allows continuous learning from your colleagues' case resolutions.


Professional development at CEG

We are open to new ideas and efficient work methods. If you have knowledge beneficial to the team, we encourage you to share.

We organize regular professional training for our entire team.

If you desire education on a specific topic, our Chief Accountant is here to guide you. We aim to have a team of experts dedicated to constant learning and providing high-quality services.

Please note: those who prefer solo work, punch documents, or leave unfinished work at 5pm, need not apply!


Benefits at CEG

Every accountant can set flexible working hours upon mutual agreement.

Personal development is paramount to us. Benefit from monthly fully paid 2-hour sessions with certified therapist Magda.

Enjoy a Multisport card for you and your family.



As a family business, we seek someone who is eager to get to know us and, if we enjoy working together, stay with us long term.

"Let's make accounting a respected craft that entrepreneurs appreciate and build a lasting legacy for future generations."

Selection process at CEG

  • Send your resume with a cover letter

  • We'll reach out to learn more about you

  • We'll provide feedback and invite suitable candidates for a personal interview

  • During the interview, you'll complete a payroll and HR basics test, a personality test, and we'll answer each other’s questions

  • We'll provide feedback and the top candidates will be invited for a trial day at our office

  • During the trial day, you'll work closely with a payroll specialist to get a firsthand experience of our work environment

  • The successful candidate will be offered long-term cooperation

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