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Prosecco with CEG

Become a part of life at CEG for one autumn afternoon!


Get to know the heart of our accounting and tax firm without obligation with a glass of pleasant wine in hand.


Get to know us personally

We've already had some Prosecco with CEG and now it's waiting for usthe first autumn. Even at this time, there is still something to show, and that is why we would like to see you againinvited to our family business.


We would like to meet not onlypotential colleagues, but also partners, clients and people who are internally drawn to each other.


Come experience it with us too!


What awaits you with us?

Don't expect any heavy technicalities 26. 10. find a moment and between 16:00-19:00join us in CEG.


You can ask us anything and fromA tour awaits you at 18:00.


You will get to know our premises and colleagues, without whom CEG would not be what it is, including executive director Šárka.


So which one will you have? White or red? Or do you reach for the bubbles?


What is necessary? 

The process is simpler than choosing wine, coffee or tea.


Below you will find a form that you just need to fill out and write the time in your diary.


We leave the dress code up to you. We know it's getting cold and the weather is changing fast, so wear what makes you feel best.


In case of any questions, don't be afraid to contact our Pavla at!


We look forward!

Sign up for a drink

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you :) More information can be found in your email.

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Who are we and what will you experience with us?


Who we are? Who is CEG?

We are a family accounting and tax office made up of experts.

Some of us lecture at the university and within oursseminars.

We are filmingbreakfast podcast with Šárka and we do accounting more than
300 clients.
The scope of our work does not end with numbers!

We follow the values that are key to us -innovation, development, partnership, humanity, trust and professionalism.

The team is professionally trained by recognized author Anna Pelikánová. The chief accountant will guide you professionally and personallyIng. Petra Michkova, head of the payroll departmentIng. Filip Krejci and Tax Team Leader Ing. Tomáš Navrátil.



We always stand by each other's side

Well-being reigns here! Both in the account and the atmosphere in the office.


We think of our birthdays, we celebrate life's achievements

and we help each other to them.Just like our clients.


The Chief Accountant will stand by your side every step of the way. 



We can rely on each other

Whether it's basic questions, great ideas or annoying things, we can always talk openly about anything.

CEG people can always rely on each other. We expect that

and from you. We always approach our work responsibly.



Let's use the most modern technologies

We test new technologies and directly integrate the best into the process.Don't expect a boring flurry of documents with us.

We are open to new ideas and ways to do our work more efficiently. If you can do something that could be

benefit for the whole team and clients, share it with us.



Those who want to help others

We like to remember our mini-golf tournament, barbecues on the roof of the office or visiting the art workshop together.

We have fun not only in the office, but also outside it.

We are a great team that supports each other.

We can count on each other.



We support the maximum development of your talents

​​Experience personal development

  • you will work with a coach for 2 hours per month.

  • get full energy thanks to the Multisport

Learn a lot of new things

  • you will learn everything at our internal trainings

  • we will also support your language skills

Help develop CEG

  • you will be able to participate in various CEG projects

  • you can try to train our team yourself



We are a family business, we are looking for someone who wants to do his job well and have good relationships in the team. And if we mutually like the cooperation, we will also grow old together.

"Let's make accounting a good craft that entrepreneurs value, let's build a legacy together for generations to come."

How is the selection process at CEG

  • Send us your CV with a cover letter.

  • We will call and get to know you.

  • We will write you feedback and suitable candidates will receive an invitation for a personal interview.

  • At a personal meeting, you will test your knowledge, fill out a personality test and answer each other's questions.

  • We will give you feedback and invite the best candidates to our office for a trial day.

  • During the trial day, you will be guided by the chief and senior accountant and you will experience how great it is to work with us.

  • We will establish long-term cooperation with the winner of the selection process.

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